• A new framework has been launched to help the NHS and wider public sector manage cyber risks.

      New framework to protect NHS against cyber threats
    • Thousands of small businesses have won the chance to bid to supply cloud computing services to government bodies.

      G-Cloud 11 goes live with 4,200 suppliers
    • 雷电模拟器连不上网怎么办 无法联网解决教程-太平洋电脑网:2021-9-19 · 雷电模拟器是一款非常专业的电脑安卓模拟器,今天我们就来讲讲雷电模拟器连不上网怎么办,下面通过这篇文章给大家讲讲 ...

      Large numbers of public sector cyber attacks
    • 如何在模拟器上体验海外游戏? _网易MuMu全游戏平台 ...:2021-9-18 · Q:如何加速、登陆海外游戏? A:在UU加速器的 “加速列表” 找到安装好的游戏,点击加速按钮,同意网络连接请求,即可连接并登录游戏。 Q:如何解决登录异常、游戏黑屏等问题? A:游戏中遇到异常问题,可以尝试安装 谷歌3件套,找到模拟器桌面右下角 “系统应用” —— “KK谷歌助手 ...

      Local gov ‘unprepared’ for 5G roll out
    • Vodafone has become the first firm to confirm a UK switch-on date for its 5G service.

      Vodafone's 5G service to launch in UK in July
    Huawei to be removed from UK 5G networks by 2027


    The government has announced that Huawei will be completely removed from the UK’s 5G networks by the end of 2027.



    Labour is calling on the government to release more information to local authorities to help contain the local spread of coronavirus.

    New framework helps facilitate safe return to the workplace


    A new procurement framework will help public sector organisations access technology that supports social distancing in the workplace.

    Charities to spurn social media over hate speech


    A group of UK charities have threatened to curb their spending on social media engagement if platforms do not do more to tackle hate speech.

    NHS England to launch first NHS virtual pride


    NHS England is hosting its first-ever ‘Virtual Pride’ to celebrate and involve all of its LGBT+ staff and their allies.

    Streamlined social care for Edinburgh City Council


    Edinburgh City Council has streamlined social care with the implementation of prepaid cards to supply funds for adult and children’s social care

    Automation and the rebirth of local government services


    Oliver Cook looks at the way government is adopting robotics and automation, as well as the opportunities the technology will provide

    Why smart cities require WAN data acceleration


    David Trossell explores why smart cities require WAN data acceleration and how it can prevent smart cities from being held back by latency

    London’s tech - the rise of the smart borough


    London is one of the most digitally advanced cities in the world. But whilst the private sector booms, what about London’s public services?


    User-driven processes for digital integration

    Building the perfect healthcare data-sharing platform means helping clinicians to build the perfect system for patients. Saduf Ali-Drakesmith explains why


    Streamlined social care for Edinburgh City Council
    首页 | 帆游加速器-PS4加速器-NS加速器-Xbox加速器 【官方 ...:2021-6-10 · 帆游加速器,美国网件官方合作加速器。专注PS4、Switch、Xbox 、PC 、手游联机加速,提升网络NAT类型加快下载速度。匹配快、低延迟、不掉线,游戏联机更畅快。
    Why smart cities require WAN data acceleration
    London’s tech - the rise of the smart borough
    User-driven processes for digital integration

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